The new iPads: Apple folks must return to the office asap

Looking at the new iPads, I now understand why Apple’s leadership was adamant about returning their employees to the offices. It wasn’t just the super expensive and glamorously amazing Apple HQ, but the way their corporate teams collaborate.

Apple HQ

The new Apple iPad

First, The Good: the new iPad finally has a useful camera positioned in the hip for use in landscape mode, so you can have that video conference without looking weird. Let’s admit it — who uses iPad’s front camera for selfies? We have an iPhone for that (better camera!).

Apple iPad 10th Generation

The second good news is the new Magic Keyboard Folio. It’s sleek, can be separated into two pieces, very versatile. Ignore those complaining it’s too expensive — who ever bought anything Apple for its price?

Apple iPad Magic Keyboard folio

Now, the quirky solution: Apple Pencil. The new 10th-generation iPad supports the “old”, first-generation Apple Pencil, which we used to charge by plugging it into the iPad’s connector. That’s now USB-C, so you’ll need a — hold on — adapter!

The new Apple iPad Pro (2022)

And the new iPad Pro? The camera is in the old useless position, and no Magic Keyboard Folio compatibility.

iPad Pro M2

Apple engineers should return to the office and start working together like in the old days, creating seamless products and minimalist product lines where everything just made sense. I want an iPad (Pro) with a portrait camera, compatible with a Magic Keyboard Folio and the (current) Apple Pencil. Is that too much to ask for at this price?

Here’s to the crazy ones.

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