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I love optimizing stuff. Plus, who doesn’t like feeling in control? —And the best way to be in control of your life is to live intentionally and design it to your liking.

“Designing your whole life is impossible,” you may say, but what if you break it down into small, controllable chunks — moments? You can look at your life as 4000 weeks, or you can break it down into days and then into different parts of the day, which can be as natural as the morning, afternoon, and evening.  And then it’s quite easy to design our morning routine, lunchtime breaks, evening wind-downs, and such, ain’t it?

I have to confess that I’m obsessed with these things and can’t stop thinking about them. I love reading about other (successful) people’s routines, habits, and quirks and thinking about how I could use those to make my own life better. You can refer to that as “living your best life”, but for me, it’s all about Staying Hungry and Staying Foolish.

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Morning routine

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  • AG1
  • Vegan protein shakes
  • D3 & K2
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  • OMAD, mostly plant-based
  • decaf afternoon
  • 10K steps
  • Seven weekly activities
  • daily weigh-ins (Tanita)
  • evening routine with a cup of tea, a candle, and a book/reading
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