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Here’s what we use to produce content for this site

☁️ Hosting:

Because Bluehost sucks. is supported by the founders of WP and offers everything in a neat package, at a fair price, with no fluff and headaches.

🤖 AI Content writer:

Because AI is the future. And Jasper is great for producing content. Here’s what Jasper says:
[AI may take over the world someday, but right now it’s just taking over my writing duties. Thanks to AI writing tool Jasper, my content is better than ever before. Even as AI becomes more advanced and integrated into our everyday lives, I can confidently say that Jasper will always have a place in my life (and in my heart). It allows me to produce top-notch content with its AI-powered editing suggestions and voice recognition capabilities. As AI continues to advance, I can only imagine the possibilities for what Jasper (or AI in general) might be able to do for my writing in the future. But for now, I’ll stick with the amazing AI technology that I already have at my fingertips (literally). Whether it’s the present or the distant future, AI is surely here to stay – and so is Jasper.]

📬 e-mail automation: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of those tools that get better the more you tinker with them. E-mail forms, landing pages, automated e-mail sequences … you name it. This is an awesome tool and really worth its money.

📢 Monetization: Ezoic

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