Improve sleep with Oura ring

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Measure and get more deep sleep with Oura Ring

I’ve gone through several personal transformation projects to improve my health, well-being, and energy levels required to live a good, honest work full of joyous moments. What started with putting a kibosh on my 2-packs of cigarettes a day eventually morphed into becoming a marathon runner with a regular yoga practice, 3-days a week of strength workouts, and so on. In the process, I completely stopped eating meat (currently consuming it sporadically) and went teetotal for two and a half years until I eventually found my enoughthat middle path you might refer to as “moderate.”

Once I adopted a well-balanced exercise routine and healthy eating habits, it was time to work on sleep. Modern (business)man is a notoriously terrible sleeper, but sleep is the basis for everything else to function correctly. I’m an early riser (0530), which is regularly met with going to bed late, so I needed a proper measure to address this part of my life.

At first, I used my Garmin (Fenix 6X and epix 2), but those weren’t as great for that.

Enter Oura ring.

Oura ring

So, this is what Oura does for me in combination with some blue light-blocking spectacles:

  • it provides insights into sleep data, including the total amount of sleep, light, deep, and REM sleep, as well as awake times
  • correlates that data with other activities (automagically via Apple Health connection)
  • guides me in terms of the best time to go to bed and when to rest
  • provides early warning on potential illness (by sensing elevated night-time body temperature)
  • offers meditation and breathing exercises, including stories and meditations for falling asleep

And don’t worry about choosing the correct ring size — when you place your order, you’ll first receive a sizing kit to choose the proper size:

Oura sizing kit

Example of my Oura data:

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