The Marginalian by Maria Popova

I love reading Brain Pickings The Marginalian because you can sense they are written with love and passion by Maria Popova. That’s beautiful writing, but it’s mostly beautiful reading. I envy her.

On her website, Maria says she’s a reader and a writer. And she’s reader-supported, which is impressive. So she really managed to find a way to live from her craft. For the craft.

You can feel the love in her writing. There’s a particular reader’s passion behind those words and explorations. And with such a vast library of blog posts, it’s easy to get lost in the endless labyrinth of reading celebration. The Marginalian is Wikipedia for readers. It’s a celebration of reading, a celebration of writing, and a celebration of life.

I tend to postpone reading her newsletters and posts served by my RSS reader because I know I’ll get into a rabbit hole, and I like to give myself plenty of time for that.

The Marginalian is the opposite of scrolling the social media feed; it’s the antidote to commenting based on card images linking to the content we never really read. The Marginalian is a safe haven, a place to seek shelter from the storm that is social media.

We might look at The Marginalian as the asocial media, or we might take it as socializing with the writers — some of them long deceased — and that’s how I’m looking at it myself: as a garden party celebrating the pursuit of a meaningful life. In my book, I refer to that as finding your enough.

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