Top 5 podcasts for personal growth & development

Here’s my selection of the best podcasts to listen to for personal growth and development.

The Tim Ferriss Show

I’ve been following Timothy Ferriss since his famous 4-Hour Workweek first came out. Tim has also been one of the early podcasters and — at least for me — the only podcast I never unsubscribed from. It’s always worth going back through the archive and listening to Arnie, Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, and other folks you’ve always wanted to hear from. Tim is always well prepared and goes deep into the conversation, so some of these episodes are over 3 hours long. Trust me, if the guest was on The Tim Ferriss Show, it’s probably worth listening to!


Seth Godin is my favorite writer and salesman of all time. Seth is possibly the world’s most prolific daily blogger, so please make sure to subscribe to his daily posts.  I love his voice voice just as much as I love his writing voice. He’s a well of wisdom that we should all read and listen to daily.

The Rich Roll Podcast

I discovered Rich Roll through his first book, Finding Ultra, which inspired me to take up running and eventually work my way up to half- and full-marathon. Mr. Peace, Plants & Performace goes deep in his interviews and features plenty of amazing guests from all walks of life. A regular choice for my early morning runs.  

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is a quirky guy who won’t leave you undecided — you either love or hate him, there’s no in-between. I first stumbled upon him with his Choose Yourself book and his podcast was #1 on my list for a while. In between, he deviated into the get-rich-quick space a bit too much for my taste, but I’m still subscribed and vigilant for some awesome guests. My all-time favorite guest is Garry Kasparov.

The Learning Leader Show

When I need some leadership inspiration, I turn to Ryan Hawk’s podcast,  The Learning Leader Show. Often times I learned the most from the guests I never heard about before.

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