Minimalist 2022 WFH setup

When the pandemic started, I went about setting up a proper home office environment, including the Mac Mini desktop computer with an ultra-wide monitor, professional mike, HD camera, external keyboard … the whole shebang.

But as we’re (slowly) returning to the old normal, I decided to get back to the minimalist roots. I sold most of the stuff you see in that photo and resorted to the absolute basics:

This simple but effective (and efficient!) setup works flawlessly. The new MacBook Pro has a 1080p HD camera built-in, and the AirPods Pro produce an excellent sound. It’s a great office. Portable, simple, minimalist. It sparks joy.

If you’re wondering what other stuff is on the desk:


WFH basics are a computing device, something with a camera, and a pair of decent heaphones. It can be two devices, three devices, or a many as you need. But when you want to pack things up and move your office anywhere (#WFA #WorkFromAnywhere) — minimalism wins.

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